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    We keep the tradition of great mps and outdoor edution centres alive.

    O helps Ontario mps and outdoor edution centres deliver safe experiences.

    The Ontario mps Association (O) is a voluntary, non-profit membership organization that works to make Ontario a premiere destination for mping. Keeping the Ontario mp tradition alive is at the heart of everything we do. That’s why our Members adhere to more than 600 Health and Safety Standards designed to ensure the safety of mpers and staff.

    Today, 400+ Member mps and outdoor edution centres serving more than 357,000 participants have adopted our standards.

    Look for the O Accredited Member logo on a mp or outdoor edution centre’s promotional material. That logo tells you that a facility continuously meets industry safety standards and provides participants with quality mp and outdoor edution centre experiences.

    Whether you’re looking for a safe mp or outdoor edution centre for your participant or you’re a mp or outdoor edution centre leader looking to invest in your facility’s future, O has resources to help you.

    Discover O.

    Community. Leadership. Life.

    About Us

    Your O adventure starts here.

    Looking for something? We’ll point you in the right direction.

    mps & Outdoor Edution Centres

    Join a community of passionate, ring, mp and outdoor edution centre professionals. Become familiar with the O Standards, get accredited, and become O Approved.

    Parents & Guardians

    O Approved mps and outdoor edution centres are programs that parents and guardians n trust. In a few clicks, we’ll help you find the best mp or outdoor edution centre for your mper.

    Become an O Preferred Vendor

    Becoming an O Preferred Vendor opens the door to possible partnerships with over 450 Accredited mps and Outdoor Edution Centres in Ontario!

    O Preferred Vendors Directory

    View our Preferred Vendor Directory, and find a product or service for your mp, outdoor edution centre, home or cottage!

    View Directory

    O Approved mps and Outdoor Edution Centres

    The O Approved logo means that the mp you attend is safe and focused on the wellbeing of your mper!

    Learn More
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